Juergen Quest

Juergen Quest spent almost all his professional life in the Life and Health (L&H) Reinsurance area.

During his career he gathered knowledge and experience in all important markets around the world such as the Americas (North and South) , Europe (West and East), Middle East and Northern Africa as well as Asia Pacific and Australia, by writing business and servicing clients.

He assumed various leading positions in the sector starting 1981 in Frankona Re where he developed into the role of Head of International L&H Reinsurance Department and General Manager of the Italian Life Branch.

In 1998 he joined Allianz Reinsurance as global Head of L&H Reinsurance. Subsequently he became a Member of the Advisory Board of the Singapore Reinsurance Branch as well as a Member of the Board and Steering Committee of All Net, the Allianz Employee Benefits Network.

Here he added, amongst others, international pooling and captive fronting to his professional skills. This encompasses the adjustment of the reinsurance architecture to the needs of the international clients, their insurers as well as relevant retrocession protections to pools and captives. Furthermore all those forms contain different challenges for the accounting systems and cash flow management, Juergen dealt with.

As Chairman of the Life Working Group of German L&H Reinsurers he provided valuable input from the Industry to the relevant associations and regulatory bodies in many cases of new initiatives. His advice was, amongst others, appreciated by BaFin (German Regulator) and the GDV (German Insurance Association) as well as IAIS (International Association of Insurance Supervisors).

As of 2008 he fostered the entrance of Allianz into the L&H captive market and got particular insight into the mechanisms of those set ups and where captives have strength, or can still improve.

Travelling intensively for 30 years around the Globe, Juergen could practice a lot of his language skills so that besides his German mother tongue he is fluent in English, Italian and Spanish language.

Juergen qualified as Diplom-Kaufmann at the University of Munich in the year 1978, he was born 1950 in Munich, is married and has two children

Notwithstanding the above, Juergen started his professional career in 1978 as assistant to the general manager of the Bavarian Hotel- and Restaurant Association and parallel as assistant Professor at the Fachhochschule, München, before he joined 1981 the reinsurance sector.